While Native American communities remain the least connected in our nation, inroads are being made in their use of ICTs. Through tribally owned and operated ISPs as well as collaborations between tribal governments and non-tribal providers, reservations are building out infrastructure. Yet, there is little understanding as to the nature of those network enhancements, how they’re being managed, and their effects on users.


Exciting news! After many trials, hand wringing, and consternation over antenna heights, the TV White Spaces connections have been deployed. Here is a photo of Rich on the exciting day – June 14th, 2017.

Rich on roof at Santa Ysabel

Reports of our project have appeared in both Vice Media (Sept 2017) and the Penn State News (July 2017).


The Pala are one of the 19 tribal members of the SCTCA

In this project, we apply our expertise gained in working in international communities and with international organizations, to understand the provisioning and use of ICTs in the sovereign nations of U.S. Native American tribes. Working with the Southern California Tribal Chairman’s Association (SCTCA) and their ISP – Tribal Digital Village, we are contributing our organizational perspectives to research on the deployments of new white spaces technologies.

TDV leader Matt Rantanen explains the new white spaces equipment

This research is being conducted with support of the National Science Foundation (award #1562613 )