IIP co-directors – current and emeritus – at the 20th anniversary celebration

The Institute for Information Policy at Penn State is a collaboration of the Colleges of Communication and Information Sciences and Technology. In 2017, the Institute celebrated its 20 year anniversary.

The IIP serves as a center for scholarship in the area of information policy, particularly focusing on ICTs’ potential for enhancing democratic discourse, social responsibility and quality of life for all. The IIP undertakes many activities including research, workshops, colloquia, and managing its flagship journal – the Journal of Information Policy. Its co-directors, Krishna Jayakar, Amit Schejter and Carleen Maitland, are leaders in the field, serving as governmental advisors, editors, and board members.

Recent activities include the leadership of the June 2016 NSF-funded Broadband 2021 workshop, which produced a groundbreaking report, cited throughout the final 2017 National Broadband Research Agenda, released by the NTIA. Also, in 2016, the IIP hosted a workshop on the Legal and Policy Dimensions of Cybersecurity, at the School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University.

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