It is very rewarding to advise and mentor graduate as well as undergraduate students. To date, I have chaired 4 doctoral committees, served as a member on 15 others, and advised 8 undergraduate honors theses. Below are several of my current and former students.

Happy days! – Doctoral graduation May ’08

Doctoral students (committee chair)  

Rich Caneba – joined the IST Doctoral Program in Fall 2016. He holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Michigan and spent some time in the Cognitive Science doctoral program at RPI prior to leaving to join a start up. Rich was awarded the Bunton Waller scholarship for the 2016-2017 year and now serves as a research assistant on the TribalNet project.

Ying Xu – joined the IST Doctoral Program in Fall 2014. She holds a Master’s Degree in Innovation from the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a bachelor’s degree in Information Management from Central China Normal University. Ying has received funding from both Penn State’s Africana Research Center and UNHCR to conduct research with refugees in Jordan and Rwanda.

Dan Hellmann – joined Fall 2014. Dan holds a Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Intelligence from George Mason University and a BS in Geography from Penn State. Dan was awarded the NASA Pennsylvania Space Grant IST Graduate Student Award, together with a $5,000 stipend, for the 2017-18 academic year.

Eric Obeysekare – joined IST Fall 2013. Eric served in the Peace Corps in Cameroon (West Africa) and holds a BS in Computer Science from Penn State. Eric served as a Fulbright Fellow in Rwanda from January through October 2017.


louisLouis-Marie Ngmassi Tchoukeau (PhD 2011) – Assistant Professor of MIS (tenure track), Prairie View University, Texas. Louis-Marie is the 2016 recipient of the Department of Homeland Security Scientific Leadership Award, a $5 million grant.


Nicolai Pogrebnyakov (PhD 2008) – Associate Professor of International Economics and Management (tenure track), Copenhagen Business School


Annemijn van Gorp (PhD 2008) – Assistant Professor of Business, IT & Management, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands


Ankur Tarnacha (PhD 2008) – Corporate Strategy Manager, T-Mobile


Master’s and undergraduate theses




Trey Thomas (BPhil 2009) – PhD student, Dept. of Goverment, UT Austin


Ryan Pfister (BS – honors, 2009) – Associate, Pariveda Solutions