Media Coverage

October 2017 – Penn State NewsResearch suggests American Indians are finding ‘image power’ with social

September 2o17 – Motherboard – ViceMexican TV is interfering with rural broadband in California

July 9 2017 – Penn State NewsIST students research startup culture, refugee tech in Rwanda

July 5 2017 – Penn State NewsDoctoral student lives on California Indian reservation to study emergent tech

February 2017 – The EconomistMigrants with Mobiles” or here.

February 2017 – Penn State CollegianPresentation addresses how technology changes the lives of refugees

December 2016 – NPR Marketplace Code Breakers podcast on Technology Crossing Borders

May 2016 – Latonero (2016) “An App to Save Syria’s Lost Generation?” Foreign Affairs, pdf

September 2015 – International workshop at the Swiss Embassy – Penn State News

July 2015 – Syrian refugees need internet access –;

July 2015 – Maitland named co-director of the Institute for Information Policy – Penn State News

April 2015 – Maitland quoted in article on MOOCs and US education for international students – the State Department’s

March 2015 – Maitland led research team in study of refugee youth ICT use – Penn State News;  200,000 refugees overtax the cellular ‘lifeline’ –      

October 2014 – Maitland to address U.S. Department of State on international students in MOOCs – Penn State News;  Education’s Digital Future/Stanford University

November 2013 – Maitland leads workshop on technology and refugees – Penn State News; ischool news

August 2013 – Maitland to research GIS use in the West Bank – Penn State News;  GeoConnexion