[April 2020] Excited to receive a Fulbright Global Scholar award to research use of digital platforms in refugee responses in Uganda and Panama. I look forward to working with faculty at Makerere University (Uganda) and UTP (Panama).

[April 2020] We’re taking ICTD2020 virtual. Look for us on Zoom in June.

[January 2020] Attending the UNHCR / World Bank Joint Data Center workshop on Forced Migration in Copenhagen.

[October 2019] I joined the editorial board of Digital Policy, Regulation and Governance, complementing its expertise in ICTD. In 2017, the journal was renamed from its original Info.

[September 2019] Excited to announce our new project on ‘coherence metrics’ for assessing the potential and existing efforts in bringing together refugee and international development assistance. As project lead, and with funding from the U.S. State Dept., I will be collaborating with Lisa Singh of Georgetown, Revi Sterling of FHI360/USAID, and Nethope.

[September 2019] Excited to be serving as general co-chair for ACM ICTD2020, to be held at ESPOL in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I will be working with Prof. Mónica Villavicencio of ESPOL to make this first ICTD conference in Latin America a great success.

[June 2019] We have a new article in Information Technologies in International Development (ITID) on collective behavior in mobile access among refugees. Check it out here. We’re following up with new research exploring broader impacts of these behaviors. Look for publication news on the follow-up work coming soon.

[June 2019] New article in the (peer reviewed) World Refugee Council series “Digital Developments: Harbingers of Humanitarian Change

[June 2nd – 4th, 2019] NSF Access to Justice Workshop – Georgetown Law School, panel presentation on participatory design.nse funded by the UNHCR Innovation Fund.

See our ICTs & Refugees , TribalNet and Rwanda IoT pages for latest research updates.


The fast pace of innovation in information and communication technologies (ICTs) continually creates new opportunities and challenges for economic and social development. These opportunities include improved service provision by humanitarian organizations as well as opportunities for individuals to improve their lives, both in the U.S. and around the world.

At the Great Wall of China following the 2006 ITS conference

Here at Penn State my research, teaching and service shed light on the ways international policy and organizational contexts influence access to, and use of, information and communication technologies. My work has been conducted in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Also, I’ve had the honor of working with organizations such as the United Nations, international non-governmental organizations (e.g. Save the Children, CARE and IRD), and U.S. federal agencies (e.g. Department of State, National Science Foundation).

Contact me at or visit at 390E Westgate Bldg. University Park, PA 16802