As TPRC Board Chair – Saying ‘thanks’ for exceptional service to outgoing board members Johannes Bauer (Michigan State) and Martha Garcia Murillo (Syracuse U)

Fall 2017 has brought some exciting developments. In early September the IIP celebrated its 20th anniversary with a dinner held in Washington D.C. honoring our supporters. The event immediately preceded our NSF-funded broadband workshop, which brought together scholars from across the globe to share knowledge on how to insure high speed connectivity for all. Prior to these events, I attended TRPC45, where I presented a paper on refugee networks and brought to a close my term as Board Chair.

More recently, we are celebrating Penn State’s approval of our new inter-college ICTD graduate minor and my research group is now busy preparing to present three papers at ICTD2017 in Lahore, Pakistan in November.

In the meantime doctoral student Eric Obeysekare is returning from his Fulbright in Rwanda, via the Global Humanitarian Technology Conference where he’s presenting initial results from his dissertation research on ICT incubators.  Dan Hellmann and Ying Xu are also busy analyzing data, aiming for spring graduations. I’ve also joined a team of Penn State faculty who are teaming up with Peruvian faculty from UNI and PUCP to study sustainability and rapid urbanization in Peru. It’s a busy time indeed!

See our ICTs & Refugees and TribalNet pages for latest research updates.


The fast pace of innovation in information and communication technologies (ICTs) continually creates new opportunities and challenges for economic and social development. These opportunities include improved service provision by humanitarian organizations as well as opportunities for individuals to improve their lives, both in the U.S. and around the world.

At the Great Wall of China following the 2006 ITS conference

Here at Penn State my research, teaching and service shed light on the ways international policy and organizational contexts influence access to, and use of, information and communication technologies. My work has been conducted in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Also, I’ve had the honor of working with organizations such as the United Nations, international non-governmental organizations (e.g. Save the Children, CARE and IRD), and U.S. federal agencies (e.g. Department of State, National Science Foundation).

Contact me at or visit at 330G IST Bldg. University Park, PA 16802